FOX202 - Fox DIMM

Let the light, adapted to you, into your house.

This module allows to connect dimmable light sources, like traditional and halogen light bulbs.
Input functions for conventional switches are programmable and can control any part of the system.

The main product characteristics
  • Four channels with the maximum power of 350 W/channel
  • Possibility of programming grouped outputs.
  • Choosing the time of brightening and dimming (0-100, 100-0 %).
  • Sudden or smooth control of the brightness.
  • Working with LEDs that are designed for dimming.
Using the dimming fuction

The Fox DIMM module enables up to four independent lighting circuits equipped with a dimmimg function. Thanks to the ramp function, it is possible to set the lightening and darkening of the light. At the moment of turning on the circuit, using the switch on the wall, the light brightens from 0 to 100 % within a few seconds. The module reacts similarly turning off the lights. This is a desirable feature, especially at night when we do not want to be blinded by the light.

Saving energy

Fox DIMM is an effective tool to save electrical energy. Thanks to the twilight sensor connected to the module, you can program the turning on and off of the lights depending on the time and the light intensity outside. If it is gray and cloudy outside, the lights will be turned on at 30 %, the closer the evening is coming, the stronger the light will be – after sunset it is at full power.

Movement sensors and lighting

Connecting the movement sensors from the alarm system to the Fox DIMM module lets the system control the lights, depending on whether the rooms are occupied or not. If the sensor detects motion, the light turns on automatically, and stays on as long as there is no further movement detected. In case that you would like to deactivate the function, you can simply click onto the appropriate button of the programmable switch.

Lighting and blinds

When the system is lowering the blinds, Fox DIMM will automatically turn on the lighting in a room to maintain an appropriate lighting level. The more the blinds go down, the more lighting will be there.


Fast installation

Instantly fitting socket type – plug, the mounting on the DIN rail (TH-35) ensures a convenient and easy installation.



Quick and easy! Each module accepts an address in the range from 0 to 31.


Local inputs

Do you prefer a classic switch? No problem! The built-in local inputs are used to connect mono as well as bi-stable switches that are generally available on the market.



Status LEDs

A short look at the LEDs – you easily get fast information about the activity of individual outputs, power supply and the communication to the system. After installation the background lighting can be turned off in order to to reduce the power consumption.


Ventilation openings

High loads require an efficient heat exhaust. A huge number of ventilations ensure an optimal distribution of the temperature on electronic components.


Manual control

This electrical method allows you to test the outputs of the module before the operation and programming in the system (separated electrical commissioning from the building's automation). Your electrician will appreciate it!


FOX202 – Fox DIMM – Instruction manual