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Smart Business

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Conference rooms

Professionalism in every detail

To impress your contractors, place automation in your conference rooms. Controlling it via high-quality glass panes or tablets highlights the professionalism of your company.


When comfort is important

Nexwell automation emphasizes the prestige of your hotel, and ensures that your guests have a pleasant stay.

Apartments for renting

Don’t lose control when you’re far away

You bought a holiday apartment, but you doubt the integrity of local managers? Connect remotely and see for yourself.

Offices and industrial buildings

Customized NexoTECH solutions

Dedicated visualisation for each building, individually adjusted functionality. For us, your business is as unique as you are.


Invest in comfort

The management of the conference room can be carried out by one of the glass manipulators, which is embedded in the wall at the entrance of the room or in the conference table. With the help of NexoVision, it is also possible to control everything from the smartphone, tablet or PC.

Chosen functions which are controllable throughout the devices of Nexwell:
● Touching the button 'presentation’ realises that lights are dimmed or turned off, the projector turns on and the angle of the slats changes so no light comes from the outside.
● Another option is the 'cup’ button – using it an assistant gets noticed that new beverages are needed.
● All participants of a periodic meeting get reminded, 15 minutes before the start, by a text message to take part.
● During the meeting, the speaker can adjust the room to his personal needs (setting of the blinds, lighting, …)
● After the presentation, the slats automatically change their angle again so that daylight enters through the windows. Alternatively, the lighting can be set on.

Primarily, automation in a conference room means comfort while having business meetings or giving speeches. The Nexwell systems provides components which enable the controlling of the projector, blinds, lighting, ventilation system and audio system. Additionally, there is the possibility to add special features e.g. the usage of a 'coffee button’. Pushing this special button, the secretary will be noticed by text message that fresh coffee is needed in the business meeting.


Easy and clear access to information

Using automation in offices doesn’t only mean to have cost improvement, but also a clear and easy access to information in places, where they are needed. For instance, a LCD touch-screen panel, installed in the foyer, shows in a convenient way in which rooms employees are, which temperature where is and if the alarm system is activated in rooms. This functionality is very important for the enhancement of the porter’s work and ensures work comfort from the very first minute in the morning.

Lighting of the corridor and paintings, background lighting of the company’s logo – these things could be also the tasks of the automation system. In case there isn’t enough daylight, the system will recognise that and turns on other lights or the LED lighting. Thanks to that, you’ll always make a bright appearance on your important client.

A very interesting fact, too, is the combination of an access authorisation system with the automation system. After putting the access card onto the card reader, the system opens the door to the employee, disarms the alarm system, turns on the lights and air conditioning to ensure a good start into the day.
Just before shutting down the computer and finishing work, the employee simply needs to click one button – doing this, the person knows that within a few seconds the lights and air conditioning will turn off, the elevator is waiting, and the alarm system is armed. Leaving the building, the employee can be sure everything will be fine.

A proper management of office spaces, in terms of working condition as well as costs, is very important. But also in this case, Nexo is able to deal with this and makes it way easier. In the heat of the moment it is happening pretty fast that someone forgets to turn off the lights even though the sun spends enough light to work with, or to switch off the ventilation system even when the outside temperature is fine, or reducing the heating when leaving direction home. All these and many other features can be controlled with the automation system of Nexwell. Our efficient system will take care of your wallet and the environment, while you solely can concentrate on work.


Provide appropriate comfort of your guests in your hotel or guest house

In the apartment your guest will come upon a manipulator, which is made by high-quality glass panes. The display will show the current room temperature, and with the six touchable symbols you can control the lighting, air conditioning and blinds. Also, the manipulator provides a quick call for the room service in case there is an emergency or the guests have unusual wishes. The icons „Do not disturb” or „Clean my room” ensure appropriate information for the maid, seeing the information on the door, or on a tablet with the view of the whole hotel building. To place the switch in a proper location, being the interface of the automation system, is very important. Placing it next to the bed gives the guests the convenience to turn off the lights, changing the air conditioning, powering off the TV without leaving the comfortable bed.

Ecology and savings are very important aspects for a hotel manager, but also for his guests. A big influence on hotel costs have the heating and air conditioning. The proper management of these resources will bring big financial benefits as well as a contribution to the protection of the environment. Going to the beach, hotel guests pretty often do not turn off the air conditioning in order to have cold air after coming back. The use of an intelligent building system will not exclude these two options. After leaving the room, the system automatically turns off the air conditioning, using the information of the presence sensor. If the guests are about to come back, they may turn on the air conditioning in their room, using the mobile application on their phone.

The automation systems for hotels are made up of many small Fox systems, connected via LAN to the server installed in the reception or technical room. This design allows the complete control of the hotel rooms from the reception, assigning permissions to particular guests as well as ensuring reliability in terms of decentralization of the system.

While registering at the reception, the hotel guest may download the mobile application from the Google Play or App Store to control his hotel room. The receptionist generates the code for the application, that activates the functions for the time of the guest’s stay at the hotel. In this way, the guest can turn on the heating or air conditioning in the room before arriving there. However, if the air conditioning or heating is turned on, but there is no movement for 30 minutes, the system will automatically deactivate it again.

The guests have an easy and constant contact with the service through the mobile application. Easily they can reserve a table at the hotel restaurant by clicking one icon on the main panel, order a bike for a short ride or request fresh towels after returning from the trip to the pool with the children.

The usage of automation systems in hotels is primarily for the comfort of the hotel guests, but also to maintain a certain level of business profitability. The installation offers a total monitoring of all room information from the reception. The hotel employee has the ability to run the heating, raise the blinds or give a room an atmospheric, colourful lighting. Of course, the system will automatically start the lights in the particular corridors so that the guests get to their room in a comfortable way.


Nexwell for businesses is optimalizing work in three important issues: safety, savings and work productivity

II Savings
Savings, achieved throughout the help of an automation system, can be done in three main areas: lighting, heating and entrance gates. Industrial lamps, which provide an appropriate lighting for working stations, are very energy intensive which makes a proper management crucial. At the beginning of a working day, each worker starts the lighting in his area with using his access card. In that moment when all workers are going to have their breakfast break, the system automatically turns off the non-needed lighting. With the end of the break the lights turn on again whereby the workers get reminded that they have to go back to work. Thanks to the access authorisation system the system knows whether working areas are used or not, and turns off lights if they aren’t needed.

II Savings
The second significant point are the building entrance gates. If they are opened unregulatedly, it happens quite fast that air from the outside gets inside or that there’s even a draught. In order that a forklift can enter on one side of the hall, the other side needs to be closed. Coordinating this is also a task of the automation system. In case that the southern gate needs to be opened, the system starts to close the northern one while using the (alarm) luminaire for signalisation. After this is done the northern gate will be opened.

II Savings
Another huge expense factor is the heating system. Pretty often, industrial facilities have huge spaces to heat. Doing this with such big areas is for sure a challenge especially because the air rises very fast towards the roof. Therefore it is important to know how to eject the warm air correctly out of the ventilation system. The automation system provides to start the heating reacting on several parameters: working time, temperature in the building, at the ceiling and on the outside.

III Work productivity
An automation system nowadays doesn’t only ensure the possibility to manage buildings, but also offers the controlling of the functionality of a working space. If a worker notices during the manufacturing process a problem, he instantly can push a button, so that the department head gets informed about the incident. In case that after a certain time there’s still no response and the problem still exists the shift supervisor will be informed. When after this still nothing happens the CEO could get messaged. A vivid exchange of information establishes a basis of efficiency.

III Work productivity
Additionally, our automation system offers the ability of appropriate visualisation possibilities about processes taking place in the building. This solution is called NexoTech – with it there’s the possibility to present information about the lighting, temperature, ventilation or any other parameter in a clear manner. Another feature is the drawing of graphs which provide information about temperatures or heating habits in a certain time. NexoTech can be also connected to the access authorisation system so that a worker, depending on his status, gets access to information. In this way the department head could get any information he needs meanwhile a assembly-line worker can inform himself about his working time and the lighting or can put on another heating. Of course there’s the possibility to get all these information on any other screen in a conference room.

I Safety
Work safety surely has high priority for every CEO. Depending on the size and kind of a building, it can be for instance very useful to have sensors on the roof. In the wintertime, when it’s snowing a lot, these sensors can measure whether the roof is sagging or not. In the case this is the truth, the responsible safety person gets informed, and the safety luminaires start, too.