Smart Apartments

Smart Apartments

Convenience for every budget

Integrated alarm in home automation

Modern security system for your home

The Nexo alarm system enables dividing a building into different independent zones, which may be included in various alarm partitions. These partitions are independent from each other, as examples there are the partitions night, garden, or the whole house.Local unit TUKAN XT DIN

Nexo main unit

Heart of intelligent buildings

The Nexo main unit is the heart of each intelligent building. Its solid platform enables you to personalize the system exactly as you need to, and to achieve the wanted comfort that you expect from your home.

Mobile applications

NexoVision and FoxControl

The applications NexoVision and FoxControl are your remote access to your home from all over the world. With NexoVision you even may control the alarm system, and have a look on the CCTV cameras as well as on video entry phone.

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Meet your smart home advisor

Our consultants will help you to design the intelligent home of your dreams. They will be with you from the start to the end, creating a system that fits to your lifestyle and budget.Send us a mail:


Lighting, heating, lighting scenes, gates, blinds, roof windows, air conditioning, recuperation, alarm, multi-room, multi-media…


All functions at hand

Thanks to the mobile applications NexoVision or FoxControl, you can have access to the functions of your intelligent apartment from your mobile phone. With this solution, no matter where you are in the house, you can easily set the appropriate light scenes, heating and blinds of any room. The application’s ergonomics ensures that you can control the entire apartment with just one finger. Using NexoVision will bring additional features like the broadcasting of IP cameras, or an appropriate building schedule into sections, which further simplifies the menu navigation.

The mobile applications largely work as remote property management. While being on vacation you still have the complete control over your flat. You can control that the appointed person enters the flat to feed the cat, water the flowers – and if you raise the blinds, the person will have enough light to do that.


Convenient intelligence and time savings

Smart apartment, that isn’t only the usage of a smartphone and the easy handling – it means automation like it’s meant to be. For instance, from Monday to Friday at 6:30 in the morning, your TV turns on and switches automatically to your favourite news channel. With every minute the volume gets one level louder, asking you in a convenient way to stand up. Using the remote control turns off the functions so the volume is back on a normal level. If you are not able to find it, then just stand up. The used moving sensors notice a movement and mutes the TV. Meanwhile, freshly prepared coffee is waiting for you in the kitchen. The blinds in the bedroom are opened at 30% and the bathroom welcomes the residents with a pre-warmed floor as well as the favourite radio channel turned on, while taking a shower. After you’re finished and have switched off the lights in the bathroom, blinds are rising up completely and the automation system changes from the morning to the day mode. Leaving home for work, one click on the manipulator is enough – it turns off the television plus lights and activates the alarm system.