FOX101 - Manipulator Fox TOUCH

The switch is offered in two colors - white and black.

The multi-function keypad Fox TOUCH works as wall switch in the Fox system. It possesses numerous control functions and a built-in temperature sensor.

The device is designed for flush-mounted fitting. Its total thickness on the wall – 6 mm.

Modern design

The manipulator is made out of the glass type “Optiwhite” painted in white or black colour.
To reach the aim of the “golden ratio”, the glass pane has chamfers as well as 18 additional grindings so that there is no chance of getting snags, and to ensure a certain aesthetic of the product.

Personalized manipulator
Huge list of icons to choose from.

Thanks to the application WPP ENGRAVER you can design the device fitting to your own needs.

Six engraved icons, depending on the customer’s request, give you the possibility to program up to twelve control functions.

Background lighting
Intuitive icon background lighting on the button.

Depending on the programmed function, the icons will light up in white (light blue) or red colour. The LEDs are automatically dimming when they are not used.

Integrated temperature sensor
The best way to measure temperature.

To reduce the number of devices used in a room, a thermostat, whose task it is to control the heating as well as the air conditioning, is integrated into the device.


Configurator of the programmable switches. Adjust your switch to the interior design and the features you need - select the icons and the glass colour.


Please use the WPP Engraver if you are ordering the Fox TOUCH manipualtor.

W polu Uwag prosimy zanotować informację, że dotyczy to systemu FOX.


FOX101 – Fox TOUCH