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Can you imagine how your house could integrate itself into your daily life? The Nexo automation system won’t be only an integration in your home, it is the new standard in your life!

Buisness solutions

Smart Business

Nexwell prepared intelligent business solutions, which can be found in conference rooms, hotels, office buildings and production plants.

Systems Fox and Nexo for apartments

Smart Apartments

Flats or apartments equipped with the Fox automation system offer comfort, mobility, safety and savings.

System inteligentny dom - Nexwell
Systemy inteligentnego domu - Nexwell
Inteligentny budynek systemy od Nexwell
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We are pleased to announce that Nexwell has joined the Google Home family.

Nexo system devices are available in the Google application, which allows the system to be managed by using the voice assistant located on the phone directly from Google Home speakers. The full integration of Nexo-Cloud with the Google cloud gives many new opportunities today and in the next stages of building automation development.

Nexwell glass manipulators

Inventive Design

All manipulators are created considering one homogeneous style with highest quality. Each device is made of black or white Optiwhite glass. All glasses have 18 characteristic eight millimetre grindings.

Inteligentne domy

73 screws, 17 modules, 4-core processor, glass pane – New Nexwell 15.6″ LCD Touch Panel

The panel is made of solid glass pane available in white or black color.

The new model is the successor of the popular 8.4″ Touch Panel which has been on sale since 2008.

Do you want to learn more? Write to info@nexwell.eu or contact one of our sales representatives.

System inteligentnego domu - Nexwell


Easy integration of the Nexo system with audio systems from leading manufacturers!

Control the sound with programmable switches, mobile application and via automation. Thanks to integration, you don’t have to have many controllers on the wall.

Control music, light, temperature, ventilation from one place – with one switch.

Do you want to learn more? Write to info@nexwell.eu or contact one of our sales representatives.

The system's heart and brain in a few words

Watch the animation about Nexo


In the past, this technology was only the effect of the imagination of science-fiction filmmakers, many years ago it became a fact, and today it is widely used. A properly designed home automation is a way to intelligent building, which makes staying in it pleasant, and performing many activities simple and fatigue-free. We offer a solution that facilitates everyday functioning, which will not only increase personal comfort, but also become a source of savings. Smart homes are nothing more than a combination of lights, blinds, an alarm system, sockets, garage doors or garden management, which are integrated with the activity and needs of their users. In such projects, systems controlled by the motherboard manage most activities. It is possible to integrate all electronic and electrical systems with the navigation unit and carrying out previously entered commands. Thanks to the location of the sensors, the installation will receive data on individual zones and based on their analysis will take the action for which it was programmed.


The integration of a residential building with the system enables dual functionality. Intelligent installations can operate automatically. Sensors collect information and send it to a management center that performs data analysis. Based on this process, the appropriate activities are launched. For example: a smart home can check the presence of people in a given room and the related need for lighting. When no one is in this zone, home automation automatically turns off the lamps so as not to waste energy. The second way of building management is the manual control of individual systems, which can be performed by a resident from anywhere with just one button.

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The user gets huge opportunities. An intelligent home can support almost all electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. There is a chance to integrate lighting, heating, water supply, blinds control, opening windows, switching on and off RTV equipment or navigating doors, a gate, an entrance gate and a carport and other building elements within the


The whole process takes place with several elements. The central unit, which is the most important component, connects to the sensor network, which, using a cable connection, sends a series of information to it. Thanks to the next part, a special platform, the system can independently make decisions about the activities or leave them to the residents. Therefore, home automation requires assembly of the main control panel, sensors and software installation as well as access to the network.

The Fox and Nexo systems are convenience for all budgets. Check it out!

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