FOX203 - Fox LED

Welcome modern lighting in your home

The module enables the independent control of up to eight LED lighting points.
Alternatively, you can also control two LED RGB points, allowing you to set any colour and run colour programs.

The main product characteristics
  • Two independent control channels upon four RGB+W lines
  • Integrated power amplifier (only for the POWER version)
  • Mixing colours in PWM system
  • Cooperation with external power amplifier possible
  • Integration of the RGB+W lighting into the automation system
  • Mounting on DIN rail (TH-35)
Colour your home

The Fox LED module is designed for the control of RGB LED strips. It enables turning on the lights with a user’s preferred colour. With this feature, you can read books or watch TV with your favourite background colour.

Light temperature

Fox LED also allows to combine heating and lighting. If it is colder inside, the lights automatically show up warmer colours – if it is warmer inside, the lights will turn into colours close to white.

Rainbow light decorations

In a house, there is usually a variety of decorative elements, which adequately illuminated expose their artistic value. The rainbow function enables a smooth colour change on the decorative elements (flowers, sculptures, vases, paintings, photos) to attract your guest’s and your attention.


Fast installation

Instantly fitting socket type – plug, the mounting on the DIN rail (TH-35) ensures a convenient and easy installation.



Quick and easy! Each module accepts an address in the range from 0 to 31.



Status LEDs

A short look at the LEDs – you easily get fast information about the activity of individual outputs, power supply and the communication to the system. After installation the background lighting can be turned off in order to to reduce the power consumption.


Ventilation openings

High loads require an efficient heat exhaust. A huge number of ventilations ensure an optimal distribution of the temperature on electronic components.


FOX203 – Fox LED – Instruction manual