Weather station card


We are pleased to inform you that our offer was expanded to include the weather station card. Currently, it is possible to integrate the P03/3-RS485 weather station of the German company Elsner Elektronik.

The station provides information about the strength of the wind, temperature, illumination, the sun (east, west, south), dusk and rain. Also, it has a heated rain sensor with fog filter.

The weather information are directly available as conditions in the Nexo system logic.

The main product characteristics:
  • Galvanic isolation between weather station and system.
  • RS485 interface for communication with external devices (weather station).
  • Easy installation on DIN rail (TH35).
  • Plug-and-play system (automatic addressing in the internal bus).
  • Providing information about:
    • outside temperature (°C),
    • sunlight from directions E, W, S (klx)
    • general sunlight (lx),
    • rainfall,
    • wind speed (m/s).


Fast installation

Instantly fitting socket type – plug, the mounting on the DIN rail (TH-35) ensures a convenient and easy installation.


Loop-through connector

The loop-through connector interface for expansion cards ensures quick installation of multiple cards on a single rail.



Status LEDs

Status LEDs indicate the operating parameters of the card.


Ventilation openings

The ventilation holes help to achieve adequate ventilation for the devices placed in the electrical switchboard.

Turning on the lighting only if needed

The use of the weather station allows turning on and off the lighting based on the information of sunlight intensity. Lights outside the house light up automatically after dark, and in the house they adjust to the day time and illuminate in an adequate intensity.

Raise the blinds automatically

The use of the weather station is very important in the case of window blinds. In case we have too strong wind, the system will automatically raise the blinds to keep them from mechanical damage. Additionally, the system can check at specific times the sun intensity, and then decide to change the level of blinds or switch the angle of the slats. Furthermore, the system distinguishes between the direction of the sun’s rays. This information helps in deciding which windows should be covered and which not.

Watering only if necessary

The integrated rain sensor lets you decide on watering your lawn or garden. If there was no rain, the system will run automatic watering.

Control the temperature in your home based on outside parameters

Reading outside temperature can determine and optimise the programming of the heating system in the building. If the outdoor temperature drops below the set threshold, this automatically starts a boiler room. If the temperature is too high, the air conditioning will start. In connection with the IR modules cool air will be blown into the room.


Nexwell Academy

To program quickly standard functions, have a look on the Nexwell Academy. The academy is available via the Knowledge Base → Academy. This is an interactive online module illustrating system logic examples made by Nexwell engineers. These logics with instructions are available for every user of the Nexo system.

Video instructions

Visit the section Knowledge Base → Video instructions. Look how easy you can add and run the chosen TUKAN module and other Nexo system equipment.


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